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Shrink-Wrap Services

FPA is equipped with multiple shrink-wrap lines to service your product needs. You can count on our automated high-speed shrink-wrap lines as well as L-Bar type shrink-wrap equipment to meet your project’s exact requirements. We make use of high-grade shrink-wrap films that meet or exceed all industry standards. When complete, your shrink-wrapped packages will be retail ready.

Shrink-wrap is one of the most popular forms of packaging. Shrink-wrap can help protect your product. Shrink-wrap is often used for packaging multi-packs commonly found in Club Stores, and major retailers. Shrink-wrap can help increase the shelf appeal of your product. Shrink-wrap can help discourage product pilferage, especially with the use heavy gauge films.

Shrink-Wrap Definition

Shrink-wrapping is the process of where a closed film bag is formed around your product using an automated or manual sealer. A conveyor system then transports the bag-enclosed product into and through an electric heat tunnel. The heat of the tunnel stimulates the shrink characteristics of the film, which shrink-wraps the film around your product.

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